We have a piece of Breaking news regarding the one of most famous protester of the Delhi protest against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). Which happened in Northeast Delhi earlier in February 2020. There is the most interesting news that the old age women ‘dadi’ named Bilkis has been chosen for the top 100 influential people. The magazine is released bu Times group. It is the very small amount of detail remaining are in the upcoming paragraph of this article,

Shaheen Bagh's Bilkis dadi is in Top 100 influential people of Time's magazine

So, stay continue your reading till the ending. never skip any line of this article every line is important to know every detail about this news. Bilkis Dadi is an 82-year-old woman who suddenly included in the Times magazine in the list of Top 100 influential people of the year. She was the popular forefront face of the shaheen bagh protest in Delhi which was aginst the Citizenship Amendment Act.

A Detailed overview of Shaheen Bagh’s Bilkis ‘dadi’

Let’s talk about this in detail. The Bilkis dadi Was the very inspirational protester in CAA protesters. She was also one of the participants of the CAA (Citizenship amendment Act) Protest which was going on Shaheen Bagh for about a long time. She was motivated youth protestors to never give up and stay support the CAA protest. Bilkis dadi has been said much time in press media reports from shaheen bagh and some of the statements of her are here. She said to the media that she doesn’t move anywhere until the CAA decision doesn’t take back by the government.
She also said that if we pushed back Britishers then who is Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. They have to listen to us and resolve this issue.

Impact of Delhi riots and Protest against CAA.

If we talk about CAA. We want to tell you about every detail of CAA. The act is announced in January 2020. But the most horrible reaction of people who against this act appeared in February with heavy riots and losses of lives, public property. Can we hope that the face of our life should not back again? Everyone should know how these things affect the lives of innocent people and due to this many students facing problems going out for their Board Exams. We should once think about it.


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