Bhagat Singh a Legend who is an unforgettable legend for Indians as well as British Country. As we all know we are ruled by the British Government for about 200 years. But there was a Legend born on 27 September 1907 in Punjab. Who was born with the aim to take freedom from Britishers? Bhagat Singh is a personality who is very inspiring for the youth of India. He was treated with very bad torture in the British jail due to his movements against the British government. Today on 27 September it is the Birthday of our Legend Bhagat Singh who is the reason behind our freedom. This article is for the Legend of India and remembering his Birthday.

bhagat singh birthday

The Britishers are ruled on India from a very long period of time and they took a huge amount of gold and other precious things to their country. Many years they used our resources and make Innocent Indians fool. When there were extreme things were happened and some Freedom fighter like Chandra Shekhar Azaad, Sukhdev, and Shivram Hari Rajguru along was born at that time and youth violence group for freedom appeared in India in few times. The Britishers are very confused about this all and because of their increasing popularity and their attacks in parliament etc. are the reason and the starting of something big by this Youth freedom fighter group. Due to these all thing Britishers are getting trembled and took them in jail with the legal charges due to parliament bomb blast attack.



“इस कदर वाकिफ है मेरी कलम मेरे जज़्बातों से,
अगर मैं इश्क़ लिखना भी चाहूँ तो इंक़लाब लिखा जाता है।”

“But man’s duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments.”

“It is beyond the power of any man to make a revolution. Neither can it be brought about on any appointed date. It is brought about by special environments, social and economic. The function of an organized party is to utilize any such opportunity offered by these circumstances.”

“Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking.”

“I am a man and all that affects mankind concerns me.”When Bhagat Singh in jail he was planning and control all the things from jail also. He was protesting against the jail food. Due to the protest and not eating the jail food Britishers are torture him in a different way. At this moment the government of India also fought with Britishers in different ways and Chandra Shekhar Azaad who is outside the jail has been taking every possible step to save Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru.

bhagat singh birthday Quotses

Bhagat Singh Birthday Quotes Images Photos Slogan

bhagat singh birthday images

bhagat singh birthday images

On 23 March British Government hanged Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru secretly. Because there were very big chances to cancel the hanging death decision by the British government due to the high pressure of the Indian government and Indian Peoples. These three legends are always in our heart. We should never forget these heroes who are the biggest reason to break the Backbone of the British Government.


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