Here we are sharing shocking and very sad news Days after a young woman was abducted, allegedly gang-raped by her neighbors, and paraded on the streets in Shahdara. Police have booked the accused in another case of assault and molestation on a complaint by the lady’s younger sister, who alleged that she was also sexually molested by them.

Shahdara Rape Assault

A man, eight women, and arrested three boys by police all are from the same family and they all are connected with the gang-rape case according to the victim’s complaint and videos that circulated on the web. Here are several things for telling you about the viral news. You are on the right page for knowing the right information. Let’s continue the article.

Shahdara Rape Assault

According to the police statement, the family said the girl is responsible for the death of one of their relatives-a teenager who was likely stalking the woman and proposed to her, but the proposal was rejected by the girl. On the basis of the available report, earlier a week the incident, the victim’s sister alleged she was being harassed and a formal complaint has been filed by her but, no action was taken by police at that time.

Let’s take a look at the complaint filed by the sister, she wrote “she was attacked and beaten up on January 19… they had an auto-rickshaw that they burnt down. She used to work at a shop…but (they) broke in and didn’t let her work. keep reading

When she stayed at home, their women come and hit her. When she stepped outside, men harass her. She was alone and she was asking for help. That people say that they don’t scared of the police…They don’t let her work or earn any money. She is unable to run her house because of them. She added she is in danger and they teas her”

The woman alleged the men raped her while the women sexually assaulted her. They had beaten her with pipe, stick, and sleepers and they hit her in her chest. They had put back on her face and forced her to wear a garland of slippers…they again took her to their house, forced her to lie down, and hit her.

This incident happen from 12 and went on till 1:30 PM. The woman was saved after her sister and husband called the cops. DCP R Sathiyasundaram (Shahdara district) said they are investigating the matter regarding this matter, which is very serious. Stay tuned for more updates.


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