In this article, we are going to tell you about the serial “Shaadi Mubarak”. So the episode begins with Preeti’s phone and asking about his state. He calls her, then Ratti gives him the answer. He asks from the Preeti, she said that she is good then she tries to divert her mind and get back on the work, does not worried about it. He said to take care. He said that they don’t think that you are okay. Maa says that her family will be fine if his family said they don’t think so much. Ratti said you don’t think before sending the Preeti now I don’t do this work.

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd Sep

Tarun says that Preeti gets happy to live in Pushkar so tomorrow takes her. Zuhi said that Kusum does not agree with your decision and how can you apply boundation. Sumedh said that he will make her understand and he will take care of her. Preeti wakes up and ger worried. Then she starts searching for the temple. Kusum does not behave well. Preeti gets sad and then go back to her room. Zuhi takes the tea for her and she said her to get ready. Then she said we will go to Pushkar. Preeti said that we don’t go there. Zuhi said why you get piece there.

Preeti says no, Buaa Ji and Fufa Ji will laugh on me knowing Tarun outside me, I feel ashamed. Zuhi said that Tarun and Ratti have to feel shame, this is the mistake. I won’t let blame on you come here you feel better. Sumesha said that he will live me. Kusum listens to them. She listens to Sumedha that she comes at her home then she runs to go back to her room. She acts to have a headache. Sumedha and other members come and ask what happen here. Zuhi said that hope you have the gas problem so take medicine. Kusum said yes and I also apply the bomb.

She asks Sumesha that he comes here to ask something. Sumedha does not react to this question. She only says to go on you work nothing else. She said Preeti helps to make food with her and Preeti replies yes she will help in cooking. Kusum said to Zuhi and everyone that to go far away from us and then they all go from there. Kusum does a drama. But Jyoti says do not do any drama in front of her. For more information keep watching “Shaadi Mubarak” on star plus at 7:30 PM and any time on Hotstar. And for written updating episodes stay connect with us, have a nice day.


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