Finally, in another match of CBA League 2020-21, the team Shandong Heroes (SH) will be facing off against the team Xinjiang Flying Tigers (XFT). The match will start at 05:05 PM on 28th March. The match will be played in China. The team Sharing Heroes has played a total of 45 matches in the CBA League. The team has lost 20 matches and won 25 matches in the League. the previous match they played on 17th March against the team Jilin Northeast where the opponent team scored 116 points and team SH failed to achieve the target and lost the match.

SH Vs XFT Live Score

The team is at second position in the league standings. On the other hand, the team XFT has played a total of 46 matches where the team has won 31 matches and lost 15 matches in the league. Previously they have played a match on 25th March where they scored 129 points and the opponent team stuck at 106 points and lost the match. Teams are excited to play today’s match to continue their winning streak. Let’s see who is going to win today’s match.

SH Vs XFT Love Score:

Match: SH Vs XFT CBA League 2020-21
Date: 28th March
Time: 05:05 PM
Venue: China

Shangdong Heroes (SH) Squad:

Shandong Heroes (SH): Guanghan Ma, Qinpeng Zhang, Zhang Hui, ShiYan Gao, Chen Peidong, Liu Yi, Jiao Hailong, Cheng JiaHenan Sun, Feizuo Hou, Hanlin Tao, Chen Peidong, Tian Jiafu, Cheng Jia, Ke Wu, Zhu Rongzhen

Xinjiang Flying Tigers (XFT) Squad:

Changing Yu, Rufukati Jiang, Lipeng Liu, Qi Lin, Keanbaike Man, Lingxu Zeng, Xierzhati Saimati, Aizmati Tuxun, Zoning Fan, Lutubula, Liu Yunan

SH bs XFT Dream 11 Prediction:

Chen Peidong, Liu Yi, and Jiao Hailing will be the key players of team SHin today’s match. The team has played a match on 15th March against the team Shanghai Sharks where the opponent team scored 88 points and team SH managed to score 98 points and won the match. The team will play today’s match to break their losing streak from the last few matches.

The key players of team XFT will be Qi Lin, Rufukati Jiang, Lingxu Zeng and Aizmati Tuxun. The team XFT has played a match on 18th March against the team Jiangsu Dragons where the opponent team scored 88 points and team XFT scored 119 points and won the match. There are higher chances of team XFT winning today’s match. The team will make full efforts to save their first position in the league standings. To know more about this article stay connected to us.







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