WATCH: Sesame Place Viral Video, Rosita More videos surface of Controversy : A number of videos surfaced on the internet and stirred up the internet. Reportedly the recently surfaced videos are showing an employee of Sesame Place snubbing two black girls. According to the reports, the ongoing viral videos of Sesame Place are evidence of partiality against black people this is the reason people are taking over the internet and condemning the behavior of Sesame Place employees. Reportedly, Sesame Place has been accused of promoting racism following the viral video that shows an employee snubbing black girls. This matter took place at the Pennsylvania theme park. Kindly scroll down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On

Sesame Place Video

Sesame Place Viral Video

Following the breaking out of the Sesame Place racism video, the defender of Sesame Place said that the behavior of the employee was not intentional. But black people counter the claims made by the defender of Sesame Place. Black people also shared the videos that were recorded by themselves showing similar partial behavior of Sesame Place employees towards the black people. According to the reports, most of the clips were recorded by black people who visited Pennsylvania Park in the past few weeks. Later those videos were also shared by a famous Instagram account that goes with the username @frobabies, the post captioned, “Is this a pattern?” Drag down the page for further details and updates.

Sesame Place Viral Video Explained

After going viral on Instagram and other social networks people expressed their distress and condemned the actor of Sesame Place employee. The viral video shows a man in the uniform of Sesame Place snubbing two black girls. And a clip is showing a black boy being ignored by a Sesame Place employee even after repeated attempts to gain his attention but the Sesame Place employee kept going ignoring the black boy. Read more about this in the next section.

Sesame Place Video Controversy 

The mother of a boy said that she was with her family visiting Sesame Place as Seasame Street is her favorite show for her 2 years old son. But it was heartbreaking when Rosita kept going ignoring her two years old toddler. And her son did not understand why Rosita did not give her son a high-five and he did not even wave at him. That woman visited Sesame Place from North Carolina but their experience did not remain good. We also condemned the action and behavior of Sesame Place employees toward black people.


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