He went up and also came back in one piece with his self-taught rocket. It seems the mad scientist Mike Hughes wants to prove that the Earth is flat. The rocket man managed to propel himself around 571m on Saturday and landed in the Mojave Desert. After the mission, he informed that even though he has back pain, he is now fine.

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As per the report, the launch was scheduled in November, but some logistic issues with the Bureau of Land Management and mechanical problems had delayed the launch program. The mission was carried out in the desert town which is located around 321.85km on the east of Los Angeles.

Mike Hughes, who is a limo driver, turned mobile into a ramp and modified it to launch.During the launch, he faced some issues, and the rocket was losing its steam. The team wanted 350 psi for maximum thrust but, they got 340 psi.

Waldo Stakes, who has been working with Hughes, stated “I told Mike we could try to keep charging it up and get it hotter. But he said ‘No.'” The rocket blasted off from the ground without any countdown at around 15:00 PDT. Before releasing the parachute, the rocket attained a speed of around 563km/h. Even though he had released a second parachute, he was falling very fast, and when the rocket landed, it is nose broke into two places.

Hughes stated, “This thing wants to kill you ten different ways and will kill you in a heartbeat.”  The event went for about four to five minutes, and he landed around 450m away from the launch place.  After the mission, Hughes is now branded as Rocket Town. As per the report he has spent around $20,000 to build the rocket.



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