Sekyanzi Wavamuno Arrested: Why was Sekyanzi Wavamuno Arrested? Charges Explained: This is to inform you that a businessman named Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno has been arrested. The news of his arrest surfaced recently, as per the reports, he was apprehended on Thursday. But what was the cause that led him to serve in jail? According to the source, the tycoon was arrested for debt charges. Yes, Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno was taken into custody for not clearing his debts. Since the news of Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno’s arrest surfaced on the web netizens have become curious to explore the matter and eager to know to whom he owes money and what amount he has to pay to clear his debts. If you are also eager to learn and explore this news then stick for a while more and must go through the further given sections. Follow More Updates On

Sekyanzi Wavamuno Arrested

Sekyanzi Wavamuno Arrested

As per the report, Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno and his friend named Isaac Mulindwa both borrowed money in Many 2014 from Mash Investments Limited. And they established a firm known as Liquid Silk Bugolobi which has not been defunct. And after two years the Mash Investments Limited group pulled the tycoon to the courtroom for not paying the debts and failing to refund the loan amount. Now it has been almost 6 years since the Mash Investments Limited group dragged businessman Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno to the courtroom. What amount does he owe to Mash Investments Limited group or what is the total amount of load that Mash Investments Limited group is demanding from Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno? Let’s take a look below to learn this.

Why was Sekyanzi Wavamuno Arrested?

According to the source, Mash Investments Limited is demanding the amount of 230,661 USD or UGX 31,800,000. After dragging Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno to the court, the judge named David Wangutusi announced the final verdict and ordered Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno to pay his debts and clear the amount. But the businessman could not manage to clear the debts to nil. This is the reason Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno got arrested.

When Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno failed to pay the amount in the given period of time an arrest warrant was issued against him and he was detained in Bugolobi in front of his office further he was sent to Luzira jail where he served 6 months in jail. Now it is being reported that to clear the debt-money Elvis Sekyanzi Wavamuno’s property will be seized. Stay tuned to this page for further details and updates.


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