WATCH: Sedat Peker Son Yeni Viral Video Leaked On Twitter and Instagram: Another video got leaked on Twitter after which it has created a storm on the internet. The video of Sedat Peker’s son shared a lot of movies on his youtube & Twitter accounts. He has millions of followers on his account as he shared the movies related to corruption. Now the government of the UAE ordered Yemi to delete the video, he is the son of a team of gangsters which belongs to Dubai. If you are searching the detail information on this news, you are in the right place. We have gathered detailed information from this news. So, let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On

Sedat Peker Son Yeni Leaked Video

Who Is Sedat Peker Son?

The name of Sedat Peker’s son is Yemi who is now in the controversy, his video is about how the government turned a blind eye to human trafficking and supporting corruption. He stopped making videos on his youtube channel after he got under custody for the query. In June 2021 he stopped sharing videos on his Youtube channel. But he made a new account on Twitter named Deli Cavus so that they can share more about the corruption & allegation of the government. He had attracted millions of people to his channel after he posted a video against a senior official.

Sedat Peker Son Yeni Leaked Video

This week he posted a video in which he claimed that the government of Turkish will not lose powers even after losing the elections which will be held next June. He also said that he will disclose an allegation against the government just before the elections. When the UAE government came to know about the video they stopped Peker from sharing this video. They said he is giving wrong information and making the wrong allegation to the government. This can create a negative impact on the people as millions of people watch him.

As per the information, Turkey & UAE has again restored their tie last year after clashes for more than a year. These long political clashes include Libya, Egypt, and Africa got okay. In November, the ruler of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed’s visited Ankara and said that in the coming years in Turkey, they will invest $10 billion and the relationship between both countries get easy. But these types of videos can harm the relationship between them. We will update you with more information later. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Technology, and many more.


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