WATCH: Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Leaked Video Tape Goes Viral On Twitter And Instagram, Who Is He, Biography, Age, Net Worth: The government of the United Arab Emirates has ordered Sedat Peker who is a Turkish gangster currently based in Dubai to stop sharing videos on Twitter from his secondary account which he created after being banned by the officials last year. This news also has been addressed by a Turkish newspaper on 23rd June 2022 Thursday. However, rumors also sparked regarding his son’s video leak. Many rumors are spreading fake news that a video of Sedat Peker’s son is trending on social media. However, there is no such report or an official statement or the same. Why was Sedat Peker banned last year on Twitter? let’s find out the answer to this question. Kindly drag down the page for more details and information. Follow More Updates On

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Video

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Video

It has been almost one year since officials of Twitter banned him from posting any post but he has now started or created his secondary Twitter account to share videos just like last year. This is the reason the UAE government warned him for sharing videos on Twitter. In 2021 he posted a string of corruption allegations videos against senior or high-profile officials like Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and businessmen on Youtube, he drew millions of people to Turkey. Sedat Peker set up a war against the corruption in the government and he also claimed that the acting government has turned blind eye to drug trafficking at a high level. Kindly scroll down the page for more details.

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Leaked Video Tape

But Dubai-based Turkish gangster was banned from posting and sharing videos on social media last year in June when he was picked by Emirati officials for interrogation around the same moment when Abu Dhabi and Ankara were involved in a settlement conversation. But they have come back and started doing the same which they were doing last year. The gang of Sedat Peker has created a Twitter account under the username Deli Cavus which means Crazy Sergeant.

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Video Explained

Deli Cavus’s main motive is to criticize the government and allege the government the corruption. Earlier last week Sedat Peker also claimed that the government of Turkey would not lose the power even if the government could not manage to win the elections in the month of June. Furthermore, he also said that he will clarify what is in his mind before the election’s result. Stay tuned and keep visiting this website for more details.

Sedat Peker, the leader of the Turkish Mafia and a whistleblower has gained lots of fame in recent times. He went viral when one of his videos was posted on social media. The video was posted on social media by a youngster. The video of Sedat Peker that got viral on social media talks about the people who think of themselves as gay. This video is about a fight between Cem Kucuk and Sedat Peker. The video shared by the youngster is about the IHLAS’s boss Cem Kucuk.

Who are Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk?

In one of the videos, Cem Kucuk says that Sedat Peker was shaming and he did not have anything important to do or say. Earlier, one video of AKP deputy candidate and the CEO of Hlas, Rasim Kaan Aytou with some people was leaked. According to the sources, the investigation held for the photos of a well-known personality doing some sexual activity went leaked on social media, and Sedat Peker was named to be the culprit in committing a preplanned crime group.

There are also reports, that the person who went viral in the photos doing some illegal activity is the Turkish media company’s CEO, who is also an AKP member of the parliament. The video has attracted lots of netizens towards itself, but some of them have also gone against the video saying, that such kinds of videos that include their personal life activity of themselves should not be posted on social media or the internet.

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Story Leaked

The video that got viral on social media is a video clip for 18+, and the video shows that there are three people being involved in sexual activity with each other. This video was actually posted by an anonymous account who claimed to be Sedat Peker. When the video went viral on social media, the CEO of IHLAS Rasim Khan Aytou’s photos went viral on the internet. Rasim Khan is being viral for being a part of one out of three who can be seen in the viral video.

Sedat Peker and Cem Kucuk Leaked Video

Rasim Khan is also the CEO and is a board member of Dubai’s Tanmiyat Investment Holding Group. Turkish Mafia’s leader Sedat Peker is also a whistleblower. He has a YouTube channel of his own name. Sedat Peker makes lots of videos by putting allegations about the politicians of Turkish and the government officers who are involved in the illegal activity. In 2021, May, Sedat Peker started a series of confessions on his YouTube channel. Sedat Peker calls himself a Turanist and a Pan-Turkist.


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