As we all know that Sea Shanty is a type of song from the Sailors’ Chorus. Let us tell you that recently, a similar 26-year-old Nathan Evans posted a video of himself on Tiktok, in which he is a centuries-old song of the sea hut is seen singing. We would like to tell you that three weeks later, the clip was viewed more than 7 million times and is now going viral on social media. In a report, Evans has stated that he has now given up his job as a mail carrier. And has signed a record deal. It is a skill in him that everyone likes.

 TikTok star Nathan Evans, one of the creators of the sea shanty trend, announced today that he has signed a record deal with Universal’s Polydor Records.

In 2021, marine shunts have achieved unprecedented commercial success as unprecedented and as a reality. Evans unveiled his official universal-release version on Friday, January 22, and listeners were looking for other sea shacks where they could try to find them. Let us tell you that it succeeded three weeks after its release, which is strange news for all, according to sources, many artists have achieved success under it and have taken their career to a high.

In addition, on Friday, 60 million videos on the app were marked with the hashtag “#wellerman”, while another 2.6 billion were marked by “marine shanty”. This initial video by Evans has been viewed over 8 million times and has been successful in raising half a million followers on the app. His singing of Chanties “The Scotsman” and “Drunkle Sailor” have each received views as millions. Evans has thought of a plan to release a 5-track seagrass EP, which he first revealed to his clients.

If we look at Tiktok’s previous reports, according to TikTok’s 2020 end-of-the-year music report, 70 artists that went viral on the first app also broke last year’s record which proves that this year people enthusiasm has increased about Tiktok video. According to Alpha Data, which provides data for the Rolling Stone music chart that streams for a Streamlaw group, the first results on John Music’s rendition of “Wellerman” – Apple Music and Spotify searches.


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