There are lots of amazing football leagues in the world and every league is introducing back-to-back matches for the watchers and even, many fans love to watch the leagues. If you waiting to watch one more new match of football and spend quality time.

SE vs PHG Live Score

So, Korean League is coming back with one more match of the league where lots of matches have been played and the league is coming back with one more match of the league that will be played between team FC Seoul (SE) and team Pohang Steelers (PHG). Both teams have already 23 matches in this league and now, going to play their 24th match of the league.

Many fans have already been waiting for the match for many long days and not only this match, one more match will be started in just a few hours which comes to the list of Korean League. There are 12 teams in the league and every team has been performing well and putting their all efforts to reach the first position of the league.

Along with this, today’s match will be played at Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul, South Korea under the Korean League (K League 1). So, are you excited for the upcoming match because you will get to know more things about the players and their gameplay.

SE vs PHG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- FC Seoul (SE) vs Pohang Steelers (PHG)
  • League:- Korean League (K League 1)
  • Venue:- Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul, South Korea
  • Date:- Sunday, August 22, 2021
  • Time:- 02:30 PM IST

SE vs PHG: Team Squad

FC Seoul (SE):- Aleksandar Palocevic, Yun Jong-Kyu, Ahn Gi-hun, Yang Han-been, Park Jung-bin,  Lee In-Kyu, Son Ho-jun, Ko Kwang-Min, Lee Tae-seok, Osmar, Hwang Hyun-soo, Reum Yeo, Jo Yeong-Uk, Ji Dong-Won, Kang Seong-jin, Kwon Seong-Yun, Cho Seok-Yeong, Baek Jong-Beom, Lee Han-beom, Shin Jae-won, Yu Sang-hun, Yang Yu-Min, Kim Won-Kyun, Cha Oh-Yeon, Gabriel Barbosa-I, Na Sang-ho, Jung Han-Min, Park Chu-Young, Kim Jin-Ya, Go Yo-Han, Sim Won-seong, Connor Chapman, Paik Sang-hoon, Kang Sang-Hee, Kim Jin-Sung, and Ki Sung-Yueng.

Pohang Steelers (PHG):- Alex Grant, Pungi Samuel, Choi Do-yun, Lee Seung-Mo, Shin Kwang-Hun, Lee Soo-Bin, Oh Beom-Seok, Kim Seong-Ju, Lee Ho-jae, Mario Kvesic, Go Young-Jun, No Ji-Hun, Kim Ryun-sung, Kwon Gi-pyo, Shin Jin-ho, Lee Jun, Kim Ho-Nam, Kang Sang-Uh, Seung-Wook Park, Kim Hyeon-Seong, Lee Kwang-jun, Park Jae-Woo, Jeon Min-Kwang, Lee Kwang-Hyeok, Boris Tashchy, Jae-hoon Cho, Kim Kyu-pyo, Kim Dong-Bum, Im Sang-Hyeob, Kim Jun-ho, Roh Kyung-ho, Cho Sung-Hoon, Uh Min-Gul, Kang Hyeon-Mu, Kwon Wan-Kyu, Lee Ji-Yong, Manuel Palacios, Lee Seok-kyu, and Kim Jin-Hyeon.

SE vs PHG: XI Lineups Player

FC Seoul (SE):- Aleksandar Palocevic, Go Yo-Han, Reum Yeo, Yang Han-been, Kim Jin-Ya, Ji Dong-Won, Park Jung-bin, Jo Yeong-Uk, Paik Sang-hoon, Osmar, and Hwang Hyun-soo.

Pohang Steelers (PHG):- Alex Grant, Shin Jin-ho, Kang Sang-Uh, Lee Seung-Mo, Kang Hyeon-Mu, Seung-Wook Park, Kim Jin-Hyeon, Kwon Gi-pyo, Lee Seok-kyu, Shin Kwang-Hun, and Kwon Wan-Kyu.

SE vs PHG: Match Prediction

As we have already told that both teams is going to play their 24th match of the league and everyone is excited to watch the next match and eagerly waiting to know that which team has more chances to win this match so, team SE is standing on the last or 12th position of the league where they have won just 6 matches and lost 11 matches. Their last performance was not also too good.

On the other side, team PHG is standing in the 6th position with 34 points but their performance was better than their rival team and now, they both are going to face a battle. We can predict that team PHG has more chances to win this upcoming match.


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