Today, the German Handball League is all set to introduce one more amazing match of the league. Several fans are excited to watch this match on the basketball court and they have been waiting for this for a very long time. It will be interesting to watch the upcoming match of the league that will take place in just a few hours.

SCM vs HCE Live Score

As per the league schedule. today’s match will take place between team SC Magdeburg (SCM) and team HC Erlangen (HCE). Both teams have already played too many matches in this league and are ready for another one.

SCM vs HCE Live Score

If you are one of them who are searching for the important details of the upcoming match so, you are at the right place because we are going to provide you with every detail of the match before the match begins. If you want to watch this match on the basketball court so, you can buy the tickets of the match from the official website of the teams.

While the tickets are also available on the German Handball League website. The match will take place at GETEC Arena, Germany under the German Handball League. So, get ready to watch this amazing match of the league and know the strategies of the players.

SCM vs HCE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- SC Magdeburg (SCM) vs HC Erlangen (HCE)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- GETEC Arena, Germany
  • Date:- Sunday, October 31, 2021
  • Time:- 08:30 PM IST

SCM vs HCE: Team Squad

SC Magdeburg (SCM):- Omar Ingi-Magnusson, Christian Osullivan, Matthias Pussy, Daniel Pettersson, Moritz Preuss, Jannick Green-Krejberg, Michael Damgaard, Zeljko Musa, Tobias Thulin, Christoph Steinert, Tim Hornke, Magnus Gullerud, Lukas Mertens, Gisli Thorgeir-Kristjansson, Piotr Chrapkowski, and Marko Bezjak.

HC Erlangen (HCE):- Steffen Fäth, Benedikt Kellner, Martin Ziemer, Nico Büdel, Max Jaeger, Quentin Minel, Hampus Olsson, Stefan Bauer, Klemen Ferlin, Petter Øverby, Christopher Bissel, Nikolai Link, Jan Schäffer, Martin Murawski, Kevin Schmidt, Simon Jeppsson, Antonio Metzner, Daniel Mosindi, Sebastian Firnhaber, Michael Haaß, Johannes Sellin, and Florian von Gruchalla.

SCM vs HCE: Lineups Player

SC Magdeburg (SCM):- Jannick Green, Lukas Mertens, Tim Mertens, Magnus Gullerud, Kay Smits, Christian O’Sullivan, and Phillip Weber.

HC Erlangen (HCE):- Klemen Ferlin, Christopher Bissel, Hampus Olsson, Sebastian Firnhaber, Nikolai Link, Benedikt Kellner, and Sime Ivic.

SCM vs HCE: Match Prediction

The match is all set to take place in just a few hours and fans are going excited to watch this match on the football ground. It will be interesting to watch both teams on a single court because of their amazing performance. Well, team HCE is standing on the 11th spot with 3 victories and 4 lost out of 8 matches.

Along with this, the team SCM is standing on the 1st spot on the point table with 8 victories out of 8 matches. They are carrying the highest point in the point table with 16 points. As per the experts, team SCM has more chances to get a victory tonight.


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