A new organ has been discovered by scientists. They have found human organ which was unnoticed till now. It is a fluid-filled organs which is comprised of various compartments. What is so unique about this organ ??? Yes the answer is that this organ has a special feature of absorbing shock and ultimately protects the other organs from getting teared off.

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It was earlier believed that below the skin’s surface there are layers present which are ought to be dense layered. The lining of lungs, excretory system, arteries, veins and some other elements were also thought to be arranged in layers but in fact they are interconnected and filled with fluid compartments.

These spaces becomes stable with meshwork of the collagen and the elastin protein which serve as connective tissues which are serving the function of protection and shock absorbtion, helps organs from getting teared off when arteries and veins squeeze. This layer is just like a highway of moving fluid and thus it explains why Cancer is more likely to spread. The newly found organ is eventually a medium of lymph, important to immune cells for the inflammation.

The cells are filled with the fluid and the heart, blood vessels and lymph nodes too. Whatever is remaining is called as interstitial fluid and the Recent Study said that this is the organ on its own and probably one of the largest, Researchers acknowledged. Earlier when tissues were stained this meshwork remained unnoticed and now have came into scene.

This discovery will lead the medical field to new level. Interstitial fluid sampling will emerge out as magnificient diagnostic tool.









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