Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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InSight Mission, NASA, Mars

InSight- a stationary lander to give the details of Mars

NASA, is continuously sending missions to discover new aspects of life on Mars. Now NASA is also set to send its new mission to...
NASA, Earth

Interesting to know, Can we live in space?

Interesting no!! Just imagine living away from earth and watching million of stars clearly without polluted atmosphere, sounds like a dream. But recently a...
Kepler spacecraft, NASA, Exoplanet

TESS to gear up NASA’s planet exploration program will replace Kepler satellite

Since many years NASA has been searching exoplanets that capable of supporting life. But, for some reason, the process was ruing slow. As per...
13000 years old footprint, science, America

13000 years old footprints indicate early entrance of people in America

A few days ago, researchers discovered some human footprints on an island north of Vancouver. On Wednesday they published a report which informed that...

Tiangong-1 will burn up during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere: report

The European Space Agency recently forecasted that the Chinese space station named Tiangong-1 would hit the Earth on around April 1. The agency also...
NASA, space walk

NASA’s two astronauts to perform a spacewalk on Thursday

The Expedition 55 crew is now gearing up for a spacewalk. As per the report, two astronauts of the Expedition are now getting their...
Scientists,Sun shield, Great Barrier Reef

Scientists develop Sun shield to protect the Great Barrier Reef

Many scientists have been informed that as the environment and climates are changing rapidly; those changes have affected the Great Barrier Reef severely. After...

Motorola may introduce its all new Moto G6 series in April: Report

A few days back, some rumours informed that Motorola will be unveiled a new product in its Moto G series at the Mobile World...
mike hughes, self made rocket

 Self-taught rocket scientist flew a rocket in California 

He went up and also came back in one piece with his self-taught rocket. It seems the mad scientist Mike Hughes wants to prove...
ISRO, Chandrayaan-2

ISRO has decided to postpone the Chandrayaan-2 launch to October

After the successful Chandrayaan-1 mission, ISRO is now gearing up for its second lunar mission called the Chandrayaan-2. Earlier, ISRO had announced that it...

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