A woman from Dehradun was arrested on Thursday who is a caretaker of a charitable trust school in the Dehradun after a man who was running the NGO in the state raped a 12-years-old student in Dehradun. According to the reports, the man was arrested on Sunday but the caretaker was being arrested on Thursday after investigating the case. She knew about this crime but did not tell the police and the police arrested her not to inform the case his parents and police. While the man was running the NGO school to help disadvantaged children.


school owner allegedly raped

After knowing the condition of her child, the mother of a student filled a complaint to the police station after which the man was arrested on July 18, 2021. When the conversation was held with police, they told that the woman was a helper in school and she well knew about the crime but did not tell the police or the child’s parents. Along with this, the cops was investigated with other students of the school whether there are much more cases in the school. The documents say that the man was running the school to provide education to underprivileged children.

As per the reports of media and police, the accused used to live on the same floor where the girl’s students stayed and the helper always stays on the ground floor. It was also found that the man allegedly raped the children many times in the last two months.

The officer of the Nehru Colony Station, Rakesh Gusain said that one more accused was found in the same school and once the police got the written complaint about this crime, one more case will be filed against the school’s owner and the investigation will start on it.

While, in another state, a new similar case was also found in the government school of Mangaon of Raigad district, Maharashtra where a teacher allegedly raped a girl student in school. The case was filed against Madam Wankhede under the IPC of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) act.

Now, the investigation has been started against this case and even, the cops are talking with other students of the school if they have also suffered from this crime. Also, there will be some more suspects related to this crime and the interrogation is underway with the helper and school owner and the police are expecting that something more will come out soon. Currently, the cops hid the identity of the accused.


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