In this blog, we are talking about Somya Tandon. Somya tendon is one of the great actresses in TV shows of Indian television. Tandon was born in Bhopal Madhya Pardesh on 3 November 1984. Somya took to the modeling ss profession then she selected to host the Dance India Dance and perform so she hosts 3 seasons of the show. In 2015 Saomya started playing the role of Anita in the “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai” which is a comedy serial and the serial was having great TRP. In the serial, she was known as a “Gori mam”. She quit the serial on 21 August 2020. Then she hosted the “Entertainment Ki Raat” on colors.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain's Saumya Tandon said on rumours of doing Bigg Boss 14

Now Somya got an offer from the Big Boss to become a part of the show in the 14 seasons. The big boss is one of the greatest and popular shows on Indian television on colors channel. Big-boss completed his 13th season now they started to plan 14 seasons of the show and launch in September last week. The big boss is copied by Big Brother which is developed by John De Mol. In this show, there is a number of contestants and they have to live together in the same house. They have to perform the task and also do entertaining things to entertain the audience. Every week the contest was eliminated and the elimination depends on the audience vote. The host of the show is Salman Khan.

Somya wants to know many other things about the industry that is why she left the show after completed her five years in the show. Although, there is the humor that she got an offer from a big boss that is why she left the show. But Somya clear all things and said in front of her fan in live interactions that humor is wrong and she does not join this big boss season 14, and she also said many things about the big boss that big boss is not a chance. And she is not a material of big boss. She said that she is very silent and private kind of lady. In the upcoming Big- boss it is true that you will never see me in the show surely.

She also declares the things that the audience will see me in the serial for a few episodes which she gives the shoots before left this show. So the viewers will see her in the show for one and a half months. Then she also tells about her family reaction when she left the show her family is happy. and they also want that she have to left this show and try something different and new. Now I have time, I should know the explore, and take the risk in life and do something challenging. For more updating written news stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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