“Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2” is back, so be ready to get entertain and the viewers. Today is the first episode of the serial in, the episode starts with Gopi prepare the Pooja thali and enter in the home temple. Background music play Prem Ratan Dhan Pao…. Then she wears the Radha Krishana garlands idol’s for the Pooja. Urmila goes into the temple and thinks before enter the Kakdi/Kokila she eats one laddu. Kokila stop her and said after arti you can eat the laddu. Urmila said that she is on diet.

Sath Nibhana Sathiya 2 Written Update 19th October Latest Today Episode

Het walk from there and said why she is looking thin. Prag supports them. Kokila gives permission to start the aarti. Gopi starts singing the bhajan and arti. Ahem, join her and Gopi get emotion to him. They both did aarti. Arti will finish and Gopi knows that she imagine Ahem. Kokila asks Gopi did she missing the Ahem. These said yes because today is Ahem’s birthday. Gopi prays in front of God that wherever he is, he always stays happy and gives the wishes to Ahem on his birthday. Ahem see the fights in wrestling ground and tries to defeat his opponent. Everyone start motivates him and takes Gopi names.

After the Pooja, Urmila takes the thaali of laddu. Kokila remembers her prasad but not breakfast. Urmila said that she missing everyone and start serving the prasad to everyone. Hetal ask to Kokila did the cake is ready for the birthday. Gopi replies yes. Kokila said to Hetal and gopi that she has to go to meet Prafool Bhayi in Surat. Hetal said we all are ready to meet with Prafool and his family and we want to go. Urmila thinks that she has to do work if she stays here and ask the Kokila did she stay with you? Because their relatives stay in Surat.

Kokila agrees with this and happy to see the packing bags. Urmila gets happy and starts dancing. Kokila thinks with her brother Prafool’s family, Gopi will not thinks about the Ahem. Kokila receives a call from Jaggi then she talks with him. Kokila, Hetal, and Urmila sit in the car. Gopi gives the cake to Kokila and starts driving. Prafool calls the kokila and said to reach as soon as possible. Kokila said they all are excited to meet with you. Hetal said after a long time to see Kokila smile she also feels happy and relaxed. Kokila said yes, Gopi says that she never listens to the Prafool Mama. For more written episodes stay connect with us and follow our website!


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