The shows start with Mansi telling Jigar that she need the property paper of Gopi Bhavan and he has to Saath Nibhana Sathiya. Jigar agrees to it and asked her to start the loan formalities.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode Written Updates

Meanwhile, Gopi informs everyone what Meera did to Vidya. Dr. Krishna gets shocked and says how Meera could do this to her own sister. Premila consoles Gopi and asked her to calm down.

On the other side, Jigar informs Pari about the Mansi deal and told Pari that he needs to need property papers as surety. Pari says she will get the property paper from the Kokila’s cupboard.

Kokila was consoling Gopi and was telling her that she was also in the same situation as Vidya is and gave her Prasad. Then, Pari came there and told everyone that ” she is thinking of gift something to Sona”.

Urmila says how Sunrise from the opposite direction. Pari smiles and says she is thinking of gift something from their family jewelry to Sona. Then, Kokila says like Gopi, Pari, Mona even Sona has right on the family jewelry and takes Pari with her in her room for showing the jewelry.

Urmila feels doubt on Pari’s intentional and told Gopi, that there is something wrong, but Gopi says maybe because of her granddaughter she is now changed.

On the other side, Meera was talking on the phone with the Boarding Scholl official and told him to not provide luxurious services to Priyal and asked them to put her in some common room and let her wash her clothes by her own.

Vidya hears all this and shouts why she is troubling them. Meera says he was just acting, but Sharav came there angrily and pick up the knife and says he will kill Meera but Vidya came in between and get her hand wounded by a knife.

Meanwhile, Mansi shows fake property paper to Jigar and asked her to sign the paper. Jigar signs it and leaves. Then, Belji comes and praises Mansi for taking revenge from Jigar and Gopi at once and says he heard Gopi was pativrata/loyal wife to Ahem. Mansi shouts to shut up and get out.

On the other side, Kokila was busy showing the jewelry to Pari, and Mona came there comes and took the property papers, but Gopi comes and calls Pari. Mona gets tensed


In the upcoming episode, Premila will ask Gopi to prepare prasad, and Gopi orders groceries for prasad. Pari thinks whatever she tries, Gopi will not succeed.


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