Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the most-watched tv serials and having a large audience across the country. As we all know it is a twist-filled serial and today also it has various twists and turns come in the current situation. The upcoming starts with Sandhya and Chitra who preparing prasad in the Kitchen.

sasural simar ka 9th september 2021 episode

It looks like both are happy and excited for the Puja which will take place today. Moments later Reema comes to the place. Yamini Devi asks her to take swear before the Ganda Banchak rasam.

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Simar says to Yamini Devi that she can give her whole life to Music. Yamini Devi replies that firstly you have to practice music on regular basis. Simar takes swear to practice music on regular basis and never stops her practice again.

She says you have to respect music and then it will give you what you want from it. Yamini Devi asks Simar that I can ask you anything in the Guru Dakshina and you shall complete the promise. Simar says I will give you everything even you will ask for my life.

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Simar promises to see music as worship and never leave it for any condition. Badi Maa looks for Aarav. Chitra in the kitchen and asking her that are the Halwai or Bahus of this house. Sandhya replies we make it every year and it is an opportunity to make prasad for the puja. Reema Sees Her Coming And Thinks If I Pour Water In The Oil, Then Badi Maa Will Get Upset And I Can Leave From Home.

Yamini Devi ties a bracelet on Simar’s wrist. She prays and tells her that it will save her from every problem. She says now I want guru Dakshana and if you deny then it will be an insult to Maa Saraswati. Yamini Devi tells her that she can say her Choti Maa. Simar and Aarav take her blessings. To know more about this upcoming episode you have to watch the full episode on Colors Tv. Even you can watch it on Voot also.


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