Today’s episode starts with Simar is thinking about the confession of Reema that she confessed yesterday about Aarav. Simar writes in her diary that I don’t want Aarav, and I can live with him as a friend also. Aarav asks to Simar if she is ready for the recording of her first song. Simar doesn’t respond then Aarav asks her if she is fine.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Update

He says that tomorrow is a big day for you and I am super excited about this. Vivaan asks Reema can we go for a small first night. Reema refused hum and Vivaan got upset. Reema is happy that she has become the daughter in law of the Oswal family. Aarav sees that Simar is in the kitchen and challenge her that he can prepare the best coffee.

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Simar helps him to find coffee and laughs at him as he takes out the butter. He says that we used to prepare coffee with buttermilk when we stayed in America. She says that stop making excuses and I’ll prepare coffee for you. She says that the wife should prepare food for her husband. Simar prepares coffee for Aarav and praises herself and Aarav makes fun of her.

She tries to sing a song but he slips her and they prepare coffee. She says that I am not prepared for the song recording so please cancel it. Aarav says that I’ll help you in rehearsal and sing with him. Then they both listen to a song together. They both come to each other. Aarav kisses Simar on her hand and cheeks.

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Aarav asks her if she is thinking about anything about the song. She remembers Reema’s words. She gets up and asks Aarav how many days are left for the agreement. He tells her 3 more weeks are left. Then he takes the coffee mugs and leaves. He goes to his room and Reema asks him where have you been? He asks her what the hell are you doing here. She says that you always wanted this to happen and now it happened.

He says that you are my sister in law as you married to my brother. She says that I am your sister in law for a month only. And I know that Simar signed the divorce papers. Now I will start planning to become your wife. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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