Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the most interesting daily soaps which has a huge audience. Here we going to provide the written update of today’s episode which will be telecast on September 3. This upcoming episode starts with Aarav when he enters his room to think something and do a small rest also.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd September 2021

The moment becomes sad because Simar comes to the bathroom and cries. The song plays in the background. Simar starts looking for Badi Maa. She wanted to talk to Badi Maa to take swear from Aarav.

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Simar is crying so much but she trying to control her tears. Aarav sees her and tells her not to cry, wipe her tears. Simar again asks for Badi Maa and tells him that she made a coffee for her. Simar goes to Badi Maa’s room and offers her a cup of Coffee. She is talking with a picture of Gopi. Simar enters the room and Badi Maa hides Gopi’s picture inside the cupboard and sits immediately on a rocking chair.

Simar tells her that she made a coffee for her and keeps it on the table. She says to Badi Maa, you can take it from here but Badi Maa says I don’t want it. Simar again tells her that I know because Maharaj Ji said that you have like to take coffee at night. Then Badi Maa tells her that I know you have listened to the conversation of Aarav and Me when we are talking about that you have to leave this house in the next 15 Days. Along with it, she tells her that she will not impress by her these type of sweet talks. She has to leave this house in any circumstance.

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The next twist is waiting for you with the unexpected thing. Roma reveals the biggest thing that happened in the house. She tells Lalit that Shobha has fired a Servant. It is shocking for her and she wanted to know that why she does it. He offers a Kulfi to her but she drops the kulfi on the floor mistakenly. He asked her to share kulfi with him and he will don’t mind if she eats his kulfi.


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