The thriller still there in Simar & Arav’s life, Yes we are talking about the most top-rated show ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ that maintaining the huge TRP for months. As we all know, currently the excitement is set on another level and nobody expects the next move of the story. This is the 8th July episode written update including all the incidents and precap of the serial. fortunately, you going to read about all the upcoming scenes of this serial. The serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka 2’ will be telecast on Colors Tv at 06:30 PM (IST).

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2021 Written Update

The story of this episode begins with issues of Vivaan and Aarav. As per the promo, Aarav and Reema going to tie knots with each other. But suddenly, Reema runs away from the house to participate in the competition. The situation becomes a thriller when Aarav and his family member reaches home. So emotional Simar have to face this situation and manage all the ongoing situation in both families. Even she has to help her sister Reema also.

After this scene, to save the respect of the family Simar’s family takes the biggest step to control the situation. The family decides to replace Reema with Simar and marry her with Aarav. However, Simar is not ready and even both do not like each other.

Simar is not ready to get married to Aarav but she has not any alternative in this situation. In the end, she decided to get entry as Reema in the marriage hall. After the marriage, Aarav knows the truth and gets angry about all this. His grandmother filed a complaint against Simar’s family. But Aarav feels some love for Simar and gets attracted to her. The attraction can be seen when Aarav supports Simar in various situations. Even he asked his grandmother to cancel the complaint.

With time Both get connected with each other. While on the other side, Reema gets her entry back into the family. She trying to enter Aarav’s home after getting married to Aarav’s brother Vivaan. Now possibly, Reema will marry Vivaan as soon as and will all are going to witness in the marriage of this couple. To know more exciting thriller scenes and written updates of the show, you can be connected with us.


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