Sasural Simar Ka 2 is a marvelous and brilliant television serial which is has entertained a huge audience for months. You will be surprised after knowing that it became one of the top-notch television soaps which contains marvelous twists and turns in the story. Today also we going to watch this fabulous episode where we will see further twists of the serial. Related to this serial here we will explore the written update of this serial. So let begin to know all the upcoming incidents.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 18th September 2021 Today

In this upcoming episode, you will see the episode will start with Simar when she is telling Aarav that She will Manage as She packs the Tiffin. Aarav see her managing all the work and doing all the activities smoothly. He tells her that she has the capability to manage all the things. But it is a truth that you can’t do everything alone so when someone trying to help you then accept the help because it will ease your work and things get beautiful.

Aarav says there are only nine days left and I will complete all the promises that I have did with you. Because Simar going to leave the house after these Nine days he is trying to make her happy and spend the most memorable days right now. Simar gets emotional and tells him that I know that our marriage is only nine days left now but remember our friendship is a lifetime. So you have the right to have expectations from me.

Simar standing alone and seeing the calendar. She is thinking that there are only nine days left to leave this house. She gets tears in her eyes. But she aiming that she will solve all the problems of this house within these nine days period. Now it will be amazing to see her in this situation and when she does anything to solve the problems of the house.

While on the other side, Reema gets ready. Vivaan comes and she tells him that look at my Mehendi Color. She says that it is extremely dark than ever before. Reema says it is a belief that if the Mehendi gets darker then it means the Husband loves a lot. Vivaan says Mehendi’s color is black what a sense of this thing. I think it is all bullshit. She gets shocked to listen to him. The remaining story will be available in the full episode that you can watch on television.


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