Sasural Simar Ka 2, 30th November 2021 Latest Episode Written Update: Samar calls Gajendra. Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update November 30, 2021, is here with numerous interesting twists. If you are waiting for the upcoming episode then you are on the right website because in this article we going to explore each and everything related upcoming episode. So let begin to know the written update of this most amazing tv serial which has a huge audience around the country. This is one of the extremely popular Hindi serial genre shows which has continued popularity over the years.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 30th November

The latest episode starts with Indu asking Simar to Swear that she will never meet Aarav again. Also, she asks her that if her parents matter to you then I think you will keep this promise and never meet Aarav. She asks her that can you tell me that what is actually encourages her to meet Aarav. Now you have to swear to your mother and mata rani to never do this again. Simar is looking very helpless and emotional. She keeps her hands on the Diya and takes a swear. Indu says if anyone says his name then you shall ignore it and remove all the feelings for him from your heart.

Simar looks very emotional and like something that she is getting cry. Indu says it is all nothing in front of my wounded heart. You cant understand that how much I am hurt because of him. Simar pleads in front of Indu, she asks not to do all this. But Simar promises her and says that she will not meet Aarav. Along with it, she says from this point in life our path will be different and even I will not call his name. I will not look back and will move on in my life to find more opportunities and respect. She is crying so much and sits down on her knees. Simar says I am apologizing to you because hurt you.

While on the other side, Samar calls Gajendra. He says that I decided the final decision. Gajendra comes and he says ok you have taken the final decision. Reema standing there and trying to listen to the conversation between Samar and Gajendra. For more interesting we think that you should watch the full episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 November 30, 2021, then you will know all the details and get more details after watching the episode on Colors Tv. Even you can watch it on Voot also which is the OTT platform for the colors tv serials and shows.


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