Again, one of the most prominent and beloved daily soups Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to air one more amazing episode that engaging a ton of people to watch it. The story of the show already entertaining everyone a lot and millions of people all around the country are keen to watch it. As everyone already knows in the last episode that Aarav and Simar have a very deep and important conversation with each other. Aarav tries to change the decision of Simar to leave him by taking divorce. After watching the last episode, it appears that Aarav falls in love with Simar.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th August 2021 Episode

He continuously convincing Simar and asking her for her decision. He also tries to tell her that all the things have changed a lot and his nature has been also completely changed. Simar asks him what change in him tell her. But, he can’t express his feelings properly. Simar even tells that if they can’t give a name to their relationship and feelings then why this becomes so important for us now. Not only this, but Simar also tells that she is not the only one whom Aarav is wanted to marry and she can’t live with this guilt.

But, Aarav can’t make her understand that now he is in love with Simar as he can’t say clearly to her. Even he also tells that his sentiments for her are original and he is very honest with her. He further says that she gives him a very strong strength through which he can take his right decisions by standing against his own family. After that, he holds her shoulder and tells her that he continued trying to hone his personality and his real companion will soon get his genuine romance and love. They both enthusiastically hug each other and cry.

In the next scene, viewers can watch that Badi Maa goes to the police station lock-up to meet Avinash. Then, Badi Maa sits on the seat and asks him how is he. They both also talk to each other in which Badi Maa threatens him by saying that today he can rest here as tomorrow he will be shifted to prison for a very long time. It will be actually very exciting to watch the upcoming full episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2. The forthcoming episode of the show will be going to air on Colors TV at 6:30 PM. Every fan who regularly watching it is eager to watch the ensuing episode as well.


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