An all-time favorite and huge TRP achiever Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready with the latest episode. There are many more things that are set to entertain you beyond all the limits. If you are interested to watch the episodes and know the upcoming twists so stay with us in this article. We will tell you all the important details. Definitely, you will get excited to watch the fresh episode of this serial which is filled with numerous twists and suspense.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 16th October 2021 full episode

In the previous episode, we have seen many things but in this episode, you all going to see the serial will start with Sandhya who keeps her hand on Simar’s head. She giving her blessings. Later Aditi takes Sandhya to Room. Badi Maa says the matter is about my family member, who are going through these problems. She walks toward Simar.

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While on the other side you will see Badi Maa saying that Badi Maa will see a guest of 6 Days. She says they are unwanted guests. Along with it, she says that if they have forgotten something then there are 6 days remaining for the preparation or for any change. She says you have opened the Gathbandhan and now teaching me these life lessons. Badi Maa gets angry at her.

While on the other side, Giriraj comes to the place and tells Badi Maa that they got failed to get the truck freed. Badi gets angry and immediately calls the supervisor. She says to him Immediately get the truck freed for any condition and I am not ready to listen to any excuse this time.

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I want it as soon as possible. Giriraj says you are right Badi Maa and your decision are always perfect. There is no one who can neglect your decisions. Even you have taken much decision and later we found you took right action for it. Badi Maa scolds him and tells him to go away from here. Next, she asks Gajendra not to get distracted and keep his eye on every update. She says I need every update related to this truck case.

Rana Ji meets Gupta. He tells that Giriraj Hates his mother too much and tells that they have to just set the light. Mohits Lights the wine in the Glass. Vivaan comes to Simar and tells her not to get worried about the situation. He makes the situation comfortable. for further information, you can watch the episode on colors Tv. While you can watch the serial on Voot also which is the online platform of Colors TV shows.


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