As we know Sasural Simar ka is a very popular show among the people, Show has amazing TRP. Serial is running with great twists. Serial is very interesting and entertaining. People love to watch the show. We have seen many twists and dramas in all episodes. On the basis of promo videos now the upcoming show is going to be thrilling. Fans will enjoy the upcoming episodes. The show starts with Vivan thanks Geetanjali for trusting him. Just then the guards come there and tell Geetanjali that Aarav has come to meet her and is telling them that he is the elder son of this house. She doesn’t allow to Aarav enter the house, she says Vivan is the only son of the house.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Full Episode 6th January 2022 Episode

Simar asks the guard what happened. He tells that Geetanjali Devi has forbidden them to go inside the house. Aarav and Simar get upset after hearing this and start leaving from there. You will see Vivan comes there, Simar stops seeing him. Vivan asks the guards to leave before Aarav and Simar. Aarav goes to him and tells him that he and Simar have got married. Vivan feels happy hearing the good news. Simar tells them they are here to apologize to the family for their mistake. Vivan says to Siamr and Aarav that is not their mistake but their family’s. He says that he is feeling very bad and says sorry too that he can’t support them when they are in trouble and needed the most.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Vivan falls at Arav’s feet and apologizes to Aarav and Simar. Aarav says that he is not responsible for this and says don’t feel guilty. Geetanjali is shocked by his actions. What happened with Vivan and what is he trying to do. Chitra instructs Reema to go out and she does. Aarav and Siamr tell Vivan that he is special for them, they can never be angry and upset with him.

Vivan grabs his hand to comfort Aarav. Geetanjali gets angry to see his action. Next, she sees the mangal sutra around her neck. Arav and Siamr try to seek her Blessings but Geetanjali stops them. Reema says that all this happened but still, she married Aarav. simar says that she has come here to apologize. Geetanjali says she is not angry with Simar in fact she hates Simar. She orders the guards to get them out fro the house. Vivan stops them and says that no one should dare to touch his Bhai and Bhabhi. Raj and Geetanjali ask him what is Viavn doing. He tries to support them but Aarav and Simar stop him. Reema asks Simar to leave the house. She says at the last She knows nobody likes her here today but soon they will accept her. Stay connected for more updates.


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