The Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready to amaze you beyond your expectations because there is a brilliant level of twist available in the show. In the previous episode, we have seen such marvelous twists in the story that made everyone curious to watch new episodes. The upcoming episode is all set to bring marvelous surprises because as per the details Aarav makes an entry in the Simar’s Roka with Samar and it is surprising for all the family members. Everyone just looks at him.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th December 2021

This latest episode will start with Aarav and Badi Maa when Badi Maa starts stopping Aarav but fails. She tells Aarav to stop. He turns back and says not today and walks away. She tells him that a person has his respect in his hands. Also, she says that for the war for which you want to go and fight, your lost already. Badi Maa says I don’t want to tell anything right now because I know my lessons and teaching have gone to waste. Badi Maa tells Aarav that today you waste all my teachings and it is absolutely painful for me.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Also, she tells him that when you come back and shatter then you will find me here. I will hold you and be available to hold you every time before you fall down. Aarav gets emotional and steps out of the house. He walks with teary eyes. The moment becomes so emotional. Here are numerous things that will happen that you should know and watch on your screen.

Along with other things, you will see Aditi smiles and messages Simar that Aarav Bhai is coming to her. Aarav asks her to wait for him. Simar is sitting and suddenly her phone starts to beep. But she did not see the message. Reema sees that a message come on Simar’s phone, she picked the phone. Reema checks the message and she gets shocked to see the message from Vivaan on Simar’s phone. Vivaan says oh god if Bhai comes here then what will happen. Reema thinks to delete the message and do something immediately. Simar looks at the door and gets up. Ranjhana song plays in the background. She starts walking towards the door. She is standing at the door. After waiting for a few minutes she closes the door. For further details, you can watch the serial on your screen. Definitely, you will enjoy it beyond your expectations.


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