An English actress who is known for her amazing and best role for soap opera Hollyoaks, Sarah Jayne Dunn has come into the headlines once again after her new OnlyFans account has been fired. A 40-years-old actress has come in controversy after she released her own OnlyFans page a few days ago and has been posting some crunchy snaps on her page.

Sarah Jayne Dunn

Along with this, she was also warned by the show makers to deactivate her account but Sarah refused to do this. Dunn was also criticized for her demeanor since the show “Hollyoaks” attracts a younger audience. Well, removing her OnlyFans account ended up badly for the star who was later removed from the show where she had been appearing since 1996.

Sarah Jayne Dunn Photos Leaked

She has been playing the role of Mandy Richardson on the popular teenage drama series “Hollyoaks”. Her character is loved by several watchers and she is playing a key role. She was first appeared in 1996 and later again, she gave her to come back again in 2017. Well, the actress is earning a good amount from the popular British series and an adult model had always appeared for her amazing juicy photoshoot.

Well, the actress is in another controversy after the production company Lime Pictures behind the show get disagreed about sharing such appropriate pictures on the OnlyFans page. The decision of the actress has already been slammed by her fans and expensive supporters.

A 40-years-old actress and a mother have been facing a prolonged dispute with the producer since she started to share some pictures on the subscription platform. As per the insider reports, the actress ended up leaving the show. “No one wants wishes to condemn the personal decision of the people about OnlyFans or other online content.

Actress Fired From OnlyFans Account by Show Makers

The women are totally free to make their own choice to share such photographs but this time, there is something that matches with the watchers of the show. In the last, she has parted ways”.

The makers of the show reacted to the decision of the actress on social media. They said that the show doesn’t allow any Hollyoaks cast members to stay active on 18+ websites. The actress told on social media about her decision for joining the OnlyFans page soon and sharing some $exier pictures.

Well, Dunn did not share any statement since she was removed from “Hollyoaks”. Along with this, her fans also raised their voice against the decision. The actress has already worked in several shows, and theatres and won the British Soap Awards as well.


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