Sanjivani 2 Written Episode Updates 6th September 2019: Ishani and Sid Talks To Desai

Sanjivani 2 6th September 2019 Written Episode Updates

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The latest episode of Sanjivani 2 deals with the problems of Dr Sid and Dr Ishani. They both get emotional. Sid says that he is confused in his life and cannot come over this. Ishani and Sid go as Rhea was not well and Nurse asks them to come. They both go to Rhea and her mother says that it is her fault that she has kept the warm tea over there. Then Rhea was burnt. She asks what happened. Sid checks what happened and he sees a burn mark over her skin. Ishani checks on the leg and she sees burn mark over there also. Sid uses a pen to tickle but she did not feel anything.

In Sanjivani 2 today episode 6th September 2019, we see that Dr Sid and Ishani are scared and asks her mother to come outside. She asks what happened and becomes scared. He tells that Rhea has lost the sensation of her legs and we have to meet the father of Rhea as soon as possible. Then Sid says that if this day will pass then major problems will come. Her mother starts crying and tells the name of his father. Sid says I promise that I will not let that person come near to Rhea or you. Sanjivani 2 written updates are giving us chills everything as when she tells the name then Ishani and Sid becomes shocked.

She tells that Desai is the father of Rhea. Ishani and Sid look at the board of the hospital and Desai name was written there. He says that we have seen the quotes there and he is such a bad person. Ishani says we should go to him and tell the exact situation then he will agree.  Sid asks her not to say anything as that person has not taken care of them from 10-20 years and why he would help them now. For more updates of Sanjivani 2 episode, stay tuned with us.


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