Sanjivani 2 Today Episode Written Updates 11th September 2019: Sid Dances With Ishani

Sanjivani 2 11th September 2019 episode written updates

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Ishani is kidnapped by Sid in the Sanjivani 2 Latest Episode. She says that this was my biggest fear that my past should not come in front of everyone. Then Ishani starts crying. He becomes speechless. Ishani goes out of the van and still, the problem remains the same. Rishab goes to meet Veronica as she is his patient. Veronica says that he is my gorgeous doctor. He then talks to her. Veronica says that you have treated me. Rishab asks her to go for some tests. Then Ishani says that we don’t need to go for these tests, Rishab shush her.

In Sanjivani 2 episode written updates 11th September 2019. we will see that Dr Rishab is becoming cheap and money minded. He is asking Veronica to spend a lot of money when she does not even need to. Ishani is disturbed as Rishab is not doing good work. We always update the website with Sanjivani 2 updates so our audience will never miss any latest news over the episode. Sid thinks why he is so nervous and feeling irritated if Ishani is upset with him. Vardaan and Rishab talks, Rishab tells him that Ishani is doing well under my guidance.

Vardaan says you are a good doctor but you underestimated Ishani he tells him while pointing out towards Ishani. For more Sanjivani 2 written updates¬†stay tuned with us. He says that Veronica has been discharged. He says that Rishab you will be reporting to Ishani very soon. Veronica says that Dr Ishani will figure out the cause of the disease. Veronica says that I am so thankful to Dr Ishani. Rishab gets angry by seeing this. He yells at her and asks her to move out of his team. Ishani gets so upset and goes downstairs. Then Neil’s father gets sick suddenly and Neil sees him. He becomes so worried. Ishani gets Dr Hirani suspended as he was sleeping at duty.

Ishani talks to Shashank and he tells that maybe there is something you can do. He asks her to get out of her past as he does not think that her parents were criminal. For more Sanjivani 2 episode updates stay tuned with us.


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