Sanjivani 2 Episode Written Updates 10th September 2019: Rishab Kicks Ishani Out

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We can see a lot is happening in the Sanjivani 2 written updates, Ishani is so disturbed as her past is in front of everyone. She is disturbed and cries in the cafeteria. Then Asha comes there and tries to cheer her up. We know that the things are not pretty good in-between both of them but Asha consoles her. She tells her that she is brave enough to face it all alone. Asha says that Ishani is a good doctor and she is not like her parents. Then other doctors also come and they say we love you a lot, Dr Ishani.

In Sanjivani 2 Episode Written Updates 10th September 2019, Ishani will get some courage and thinks she can face this off. On the other side, Dr Sid is trying to find out who has done this and who applied posters in the hospital. He goes to another doctor. Shashank gets to know that Dr Anjali has been slapped by one patient’s relative and he becomes so angry, Then Juhi asks him to calm down as the patient has lost his sense as he lost his child. Then Shashank becomes fine and says I would not be able to express my love for Anjali.

Juhi goes to Vardaan and then he says we will take action against them. Anjali tells the scenario. Anjali and Juhi argue. We know the audience is excited for Sanjivani 2 written updates. Juhi says we should not take any action as he was so sad and did this suddenly. Rishab was joining the petition so that Ishani can go out of the hospital. He then sees that Ishani is coming and he handovers the papers to Sid. He becomes so amazed. Then Ishani misunderstood Sid as he is trying to make her out of the Hospital. Ishani yells at him and asks him to go. Sid comes to Ishani and says that he has not done anything and people are conspiring against us.

Sanjivani 2 Today Episode will deal with the complications which Ishani is facing. Rishab and Sid fight as Rishab provokes Sid. Ishani comes there and tells him to stay calm as he does not like him then why he is fighting with Rishab. For more Sanjivani 2 10th September 2019 episode stay tuned with us.


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