Pakistani women’s political name Sania Ashiq is again in the trends after the news of her viral video. The video of Pakistani MLA Sania Ashiq went viral on the internet in which she is in a condition that is not expected by anyone.

Sania Ashiq Private MMS Leaked

Most of the people were shocked after knowing the news. Now people are looking for the Sania Ashiq viral video. So here we will tell you where in the video and details about this incident which is in the top stories.

As per the news, A person has been arrested after the claim that he threatened her to make her video viral on the internet. She is a member of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and MLA of Takshila. Reportedly there was a video that went viral on the internet and after this everybody claims that she is Sania Ashiq in the video. However, Sania complained against the matter and later police took further steps over the case.

Sania Ashiq Leaked Private MMS Video

After the complaint, the arrest of a person has been taking place. She filed the complaint on 26th October 2021. The complaint was filed in (FIA). Then the matter transferred to the Cyber Crime cell. The suspected person has been arrested on Wednesday in this case.

On the 26th October, Sania Ashiq shared a tweet on Twitter. In this tweet she said “A targeted harassment strategy starting with hundreds of threatening calls,3rd grade songs on tiktok, replusive posts on fb, random clips associated to me;has now culminated at using picture of my father literally during last hours of his life,moments I can never erase frm memory”

Who Is Sania Ashiq?

Along with it, there is information that she has very close connections with the daughter Mariam Nawaj of former Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff. Meanwhile, it was noticed in teh past few days that she has targetted current PM Imran Khan on various political matters.

Now moving towards the Sania Ashiq Viral Video then we want to tell you that there is no such information available right now regarding the viral video and how you can watch it. Also, we don’t promote such information on our website. For further information stay to get in touch with us.


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