The upcoming match is all set to entertain all the audience around the world. The match is going to be between SAN vs LEO The upcoming match is coming the full of entertainment. The match will be actually worth watching in which some fantastic moments will be going to take place. Surely that the upcoming match between both teams will totally amaze everyone. Here we are back with another match information, which is SAN vs LEO Dream 11 prediction in which all fans will get some important information about both teams.

san vs leo

They will win the heart of the audience with their performances. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will give you authentic information in this article, The date of the match, Time, Venue, Scoreboard, lineup, prediction, and other information as well. Let’s continue the article.

Details of the match:

Teams SAN vs LEO (Santos vs Leon)
Date – 25 April 2022
Time – 5:30 AM IST
League – Liga Mx

There is no update about the injury of the playing teams. Both teams are ready to give difficult competition to each other in the playground. Teams will entertain the audience and their fans like in previous matches. Surely, fans will enjoy the game. Let’s take a look at the lineup of the teams.

Santos Possible Playing 11:

1.Carlos Acevedo, 2.Felix Torres, 3.Carlos Orrantia, 4.David Andrade, 5.Doria, 6.Ayrton Preciado, 7.Fernando Gorriaran, 8.Alan Cervantes, 9.Brian Lozano, 10.Eduardo Aguirre, 11.Jesus Ocejo

Leon Possible Playing 11:

1.Rodolfo Cota, 2.William Tesillo, 3.Yairo Moreno, 4.Stiven Barreiro, 5.Gil Buron/Victor Davila, 6.Jose Ivan-Rodriguez/Jose David Ramirez Garcia, 7. Luis Montes, 8.Jean Meneses, 9.Angel Mena, 10.Nicolas Sosa, 11.Emanuel Gigliotti

According to the lineup, Both teams have good players, and the match is going to be held on 25 April at 5:30 AM. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard of the teams. Leon has played 15 matches, won 5 and they have lost 4 matches and the drawn are 6. On the other hand, Santos has played a total of 15 matches, won 4 matches and they have lost 6 games and the drawn are 4.

According to the scoreboard, Leon has more chances to win the match against Santos. As we know this is a game and the game can change at any time, because both teams are too good. Let’s see what will happen next in the game, and which team will win the game. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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