Recently the news has come on the social media platforms that a social studies teacher from the San Fransisco area had reportedly been suspended after she brought cotton plants into the classroom in order to teach history in a more detailed manner. Besides, they had forced to issue an apology. The lesson turned around slavery and the cotton gin in the United States. This news is getting viral on social media and many people are curious to know about the news. This news is gaining huge attention from the people. Here we have more information about the news and we will try to cover it in this article, so let’s starts the article.

an Francisco Teacher Suspended

The unnamed teacher had brought cotton plants for her class at the San Fransisco’s Creative Arts Charters School on 3 March, Thursday for her eighth class students. The teacher wanted to get the students to feel the sharp edges that pierce their hands when cotton is selected and seeds are pulled out.

San Francisco teacher suspended for using cotton plants 

The teacher claimed she was requested to explain the impact of cotton gin and slavery had on the industrial Revolution. Amid a national traditionalist push the deals the with removing lessons that discuss racism from the school curricula, her way of teaching caused fury among parents in just a day soon the school started the investigation into the teacher. A creative Arts Parent, Rebecca Archer, who is Black and Jewish had worried about the lesson for her mixed-race children. She showed fears to the San Fransisco Chronicle that the lesson, could “evoke so many deeply hurtful things about this country.”

Days later, the director of the school Fernando Aguliar released a statement apologizing to families and said the “unacceptable, harmful, [and] inappropriate” lesson plan has not in any way reflect the school’s “anti-racist, progressive-minded curriculum.” The report by the Chronicle also stated that ” The teacher has not been at school for five weeks after the controversial class. The school rejected to confirm whether or how she had been placed on leave or disciplined during the investigation, but parents ascribed her absence to disciplinary action.

When the teacher has come back on 15th April, she issued a written apology to the families.”  Another parent told The Chronicle they felt this was “unbearably cruel” to the teacher. The parent said that her child considers the teacher one of his favorites. The unnamed teacher created an apology note where they confessed that the lesson ” was not culturally responsive”. On the other hand, in the statement that apologized to families, the school director said, “We has not felt like the lesson fit into our mission and our vision. We don’t take things lightly that affect the well-being of our students”. Stay tuned for more updates.


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