Samsung regularly comes into Headlines because of many reasons. Recently, Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee died. He was a very big reason behind the transformation of a Second-tier electronics parts maker into the World’s Biggest manufacturer of Smartphones and Televisions. He was admitted to Hospital and he was taking treatment for half of the decade. He was 78 years old and died on Sunday, 25th October 2020. All the Samsung workers are sad after hearing the saddest news. Lee Kun-hee was a Chairman of Samsung until his death and he was admitted to hospital in 2014 after a heart attack. All his family members are in shock and also Samsung loses its one gem.

Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee Dies at 78 Death Reason Wiki Bio & Net Worth Age Height Affairs Wife Maritial Status Children

Mr. Lee was in delicate health before death

He was in delicate health and was treated for lung cancer in the 1990s. Over three decades at the helm of Samsung, South Korea’s largest conglomerate holding the Samsung Electronics Company is the crown jewel. Mr. Lee transformed the brand into a globally and in South Korea, Samsung sells everything from Life Insurance to roller-coaster rides. After many transformations, Samsung comes to the top position globally and many users love to use Samsung products for their daily use. Samsung represents Television, Smartphone, and Memory Chips.

Lee Kun-hee represents Samsung globally and makes it a very huge brand in the global market. Now, everyone knows Samsung and its products. This was not Mr. Lee’s first presidential term. He was also convicted twice in 1995, bribing President Ro Tae-woo and then in 2008 on charges of embezzlement and tax evasion. At the time, Mr. Lee said that payments in the earlier case were customary, not bribes, and he pleaded not guilty in the latter.

Lee Kun-hee was hospitalized for half of the decade

Lee Kun-hee’s death will raise new questions about the succession of Samsung. Mr. Lee is the company’s largest individual shareholder and this is the reason Samsung has to passes his share to his son or two daughters. So, all the family members are sad and everyone prays for him. Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee died today on 25th October 2020 and everyone become very shocked. He was hospitalized in 2014 and then he getting treatment for half of the decade and this Tuesday he was passed away.


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