Sam Puckett and Andre Drummond leaked Images and videos viral on Twitter: This news is getting trending as the two popular star videos got viral on the internet and people are searching about them. These two viral people’s names are Jennette McCurdy who is also known for her role as Sam in a series iCarly on the Nickelodeon and won awards many times for the kids choice award and the second is Andre who played with Connecticut Huskies & Cleveland Cavaliers who also signed with Brooklyn Nets. Their pics got viral and people are curious to know about them. If you are one of them so you are in the right place. Let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On

Sam Puckett and Andre Drummond

Who Are Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond?

Jennette McCurdy & Andrew are the most popular star and both are well known for their different professions. They both started dating in earlier 2013 and their relationship didn’t last for a long time. In an interview, Jannet talked about their relationship and said that he was the first who texted her and dm me after that we started talking and I felt good and after that, we came into a relationship in 2013. They had spent a good time with each other and now Andrew had married another woman and is a father of two children, both have moved on and are now happy in their personal life.

Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond Leaked Photos & Video

A post has gone viral on Twitter after which people want to know more about them. A post is shared by a user in which he gave the title ‘Never forget Same Puckett & Andrew’ with a picture of them after which that post got viral and got millions of likes and retweets. She told an incident in which she was standing on a chair and he kissed her the first time and she didn’t like the shape of the kiss and it was not smooth as said by her and didn’t feel any spark so they separated their ways.

She also talked about her relationship status that she is single for now and wants to focus on her career. She quit her acting career in 2017 and wanted to work in writing but in 2020 there was a theatre show in Los Angeles and she was seen in that show performing. However, she was also working on a series that was later on postponed due to COVID. Stay connected for more latest updates & information on Entertainment, Science, Business, and many more.


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