on Saturday, a piece of big news came from Villa Park in Safariland. Yes, the police claimed that there was information about firing at the spot but the suspect is still not caught by the police. The police also stated that the suspect was recognized as wearing a black jacket with white blue jeans and a baseball cap.

Villa Park Shooting

The shooting took place on 13th November 2021 at around 7 PM in the evening. Some people around the place at the time stated to the Villa Park police about the incident and the suspect. After the incident, the man ran toward the residential area near North Lincoln Avenue and West Roy Drive.

If we talk about the exact place, Villa Park is an amusement park situated at 701 West North Avenue in Safari Land, United States. Let us tell you that there had been a long gunshot fire around at the park.

The police also reached the shooting site and when they investigate the place they claimed that there has been a lot of collateral damage occurred. After that, the police also claimed that a person has got serious injuries from the gunshot but when the police arrived at the place, the suspect ran away from the place.

After the police arrived at the place, they separated the team to search the person and warned all the people about the suspect. Along with it, the police also announced the identity of the suspect to the residents of the area.

The incident has happened inside the park in which many people got serious injuries. Just after the police reached the place, several ambulances also arrived at the site to take the victims to the hospital. So far, there is no news of death has not arrived in front of everyone but some people got serious injuries.

Now, the superior police said that suspect has run away after opening firing inside the Villa Park. The investigation is going on very well and many people are continuously searching to know more information related to the incident. Many people know about the incident but some don’t know that the police have been continuously searching for the suspect since 8:30 PM last night.

The place has been closed and people reached to see the aftereffect of the firing. So, an open firing by an unknown person was done inside the Villa Park, Safari land, United State on 13th November 2021.


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