“Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2” is a Hindi drama serial. In today’s show the episode begins with Prafool gives the suggestion when everyone having dinner that if he should deposit his retirement corpus cheque. Kanak said that Chetan is right, then Pankaj deposits the cheque. Chetan said that he is working in the bank and he will deposit the cheque. Pankaj said that is alright because every day he loves to take care of the Kanak’s legs and he feels so good to take care. Everyone listen to this and laugh. Praful said that is alright because he is a retired corpus cheque.

Sath Nibhana Sathiya 2 Written Update 19th October Latest Today Episode

He said to Anant to go with him because he needs to talk with him. Jamuna said that she will say about the Anant marriage. Anat said that what the rush. Jamuna said that he meets the three daughters-in-law in this house. Kanak thinks they diverted the topic to marriage from cheque. Gopi Kaka change his clothes and said to Gopi to help him to clean his back dust. He said to her to change the clothes because he also dirty. She said she will change her clothes in the washroom and walk towards him.

Kanak serve the daal and rice on a plate to Gehna and said now take care of the servent. Anant asks the Gehna whose plate is this, why Kanak serves the rice and asks the Jamuna what happening here. Gehna said that emotionally she is attached to this plate because this is her mother’s plate and she likes daal rice. Kanak things without think anything Anant blame on her. Jamuna said whatever Anant sees take the decision on that. When Gopi comebacks then she said that her father is an astrologer and he tells the bathroom has to be in this direction.

He walks in consciousness. She thinks that she is getting married and she is staying with anyone. That is why we have to inform about the Jaggi. She calls Jaggi who is busy with work that is why she cut the call and come back into the Gopi Kaka camera. Gopi Kaka thinks that Ahem loves and from him who is she. He shows the Gopi picture and said she don’t know who is the girl. But he stairing every palace. For more information keep watching the show and stay connect with us.


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