Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar Telugu Elimination for 26 June 2022: Who gets evicted from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar?: Here we are going to share a written update of the Saregamapa – The Singing Superstar. This is a singing reality show, which comes on Zee Telugu. This show comes in the Telugu language. All the judges are very successful and popular in their careers. This is an amazing show. All the contestants have come here with superb voices. All have the power to attract people with their voices. All have a style to sing the song. All the contestants have the hope to be popular. They want to make their identity from this stage. They want to make their future this stage. Follow More Updates On

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar Telugu

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar Elimination

All contents are too good with their heart-touching voice. Someone’s voice has a spark and someone has a melodious voice, which is enough for a singer to win the heart of the people singing. You will see all the contestants will win the heart of the people. All the contestants will mesmerizing performance. All participant has different. Several things remain to tell you about the upcoming episode.

This upcoming episode will be Superstar special round 2. Let us tell you will see the episode will start with Anchor’s some entertaining Masti. Then she will welcome Vishal Chandrashekar, who is the music director. He will come as a guest on the stage. He will enjoy the episode and the performances of the participants.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar 26 June 2022

Let’s take a look at the performances, so you will see Shruthika Showers’s performance (melody rain). She will sing a melodious song with the melody voice. She will win the heart of the judges with her singing. Vishal Chandrashekar will also praise her performance. All will be successful to impress the judges and the audience. All the judges will praise her performance.

Then anchor will say asks her to tell the dialogue of the film. You will see the next performance by Daniel Dada with the get of M.B.B.S. He will give an energetic performance on the stage and will get good comments from the judges. He will successfully create the spark on the stage of Saregamapa-The Singing Superstar.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Singing Superstar Telugu Winner

Then Anchor will give him a task of LoveGuru. This moment will be very entertaining. You will see the next performance in the Rajni style (Arjun Vijay). He will sing an amazing song and convert it into an amazing environment. You will see more performances, which will be outstanding and fabulous. You can watch the show on Zee Telugu at 9 Pm. Stay tuned for more updates.


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