As we know Saregamapa is a very popular show among the people. This show has many seasons. The show has great TRP. All Episodes were outstanding and fabulous. This is a great singing platform. We have seen many singers to famous from this stage. This show is very interesting and entertaining.

sa re ga ma pa

We have seen several celebrities come to the show. We have seen all the contestants are amazing and talented. Everyone has a unique quality and different style of singing. This show is very popular. Fans love to watch the show. All contestants are ready to create magic on the stage.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 1st January 2022 Written Update

According to the promo videos, Show is going to be very interesting entertaining. This week is going to be very special. Saregamapa’s recent promos for this weekend episode show Subhash Ghai’s stylish entry on the stage of Saregamapa.

The show is looking very amazing, you will see in the show Subhash sir Appreciating the performance given by Snigdhajit who sang ‘Nayak Nhi Khalnayak hu Main’. He loves his performance and he gives the blank check to him. Sir says can the fill amount in this according to your performance. Snigdhjit says  I am not able for this but Subhash Sir says Art is able for everything nothing can big than this.

Another promo video shows, that Sharad Sharma gives an impressive performance and impresses all with his singing. Subhash sir appreciates him for his performance. You will see in the show everyone makes it more entertaining the episode. Subhas sir Read a letter in a comic way, he says many things in the just joking mood.

We have shared many things with you, there are more things to share with you, you will see this episode will be very interesting, you will see Aditiya makes more entertaining with his jocks. As we know he is hosting the show he is also an amazing singer. When Subhash Sir gives check to a contestant, he is making more entertaining and hilarious this moment.

Overall this week going to be fabulous. If you want to watch the entire episode, so you can watch the entire episode on the Zeetv and you all watch the all show on the Zee5 app, you can watch the entire episode at any time and anywhere. So don’t forget to watch the show, and enjoy all performances. Stay connected for more updates.


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