A very popular and well Makhadzi Dancer Rush Mabanna is very lucky to still alive after falling from the roof. Everyone knows that during an event, he fall down from the roof and got some injuries but he did not hurt too much, and thanks to God that he is still alive. The video in which he falling down went viral on social media and every viewer can clearly see that he dancing with very great enthusiasm to the famous song “Ghanama”. The video of his fall went viral on social media and millions of people already watched the complete video.


Talking about the complete video, we can clearly see that he is on the roof which is appearing built of tin and no one can expect the roof to hold the weight of some people on it. Now, the dancer not only standing on the roof but he was dancing constantly with a very fast speed and enthusiasm. The video that went viral on the social media upload by @IamDeBrainz on Twitter in which everyone can see that he was on the roof and dancing with his full spirit. Suddenly, the pole on which the tin is supported breaks and he falls down on the roof.

He didn’t give any focus on the pole and stands up and again start dancing. This time, the tin broke and he fall down on the ground from the roof. The distance is actually big that causes him subconsciously just after the fall. The crowd continuously goes towards the dancer but some officials come to him and start lifting him to go to the hospital. When they lift him then another video clearly shows that there is blood was oozing from his head. The incident took place at Siya Bar in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga on 9th August 2021.

He was immediately rushed to the medical center and he did not take much time to recover. His team says that he is fond of exercising that always makes him active and strong to give a perfect dance performance. His one habit did not give activeness but also strength to recover the injuries that he got after the fall. His ribs and head are safe now and he can dance again. After he properly recovered from his injuries, he shared another video on his official Instagram account in which he thank God to keep him alive, and Makhadzi Dancer Rush Mabanna showing some dance steps as well.


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