Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant? Killer Allen Jason Wooten Charges Murder Case Details: On the 23rd of June in 2003 at 07:00 P.M. a Ruiz Stone’s husband and their children reported to the police that Ruiz Stone has been missing for some time. The entire matter go suspicious as it went further the leads to her death were making more and more confusion among the police. When the investigation had started, the police asked about Ruiz Stone to her coworkers, and they reported that Ruiz Stone’s colleagues saw her last at 05:20 P.M. but according to her husband James Stone, she did not reach her home that evening. After some time of the investigation, Ruiz Stone’s dead body was found at a location in Camden. There her body was hidden around some waste. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ruiz Stone Pregnant

Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant?

Ruiz Stone’s body was taken to the forensic laboratory for further investigation. After the examination, the news came out that Ruiz Stone was taken to death brutally. Her entire throat was squashed as an orange, and her cheekbones were mashed up. Overall, the examination concluded, that Ruiz Stone was killed brutally.

After the investigation reached its ending one of the men Allen Jason Wooten was postulated by the police, causing Ruiz Stone to be into a sexual relationship with the man, and later they informed him that Ruiz Stone was maybe pregnant. According to the statement by Allen Jason Wooten, Ruiz Stone frightened his kids and his wife. He grabbed Ruiz Stone to her throat and later killed her by continuously striking a pipe. Allen Jason Wooten later took Ruiz Stone’s body to another place to throw it.

Ruiz Stone Killer Allen Jason Wooten 

The Police had also reported that in the entire investigation Allen Jason Wooten tried to defend him by confessing that whatever Ruiz Stone did was wrong, and he also tried to seek for some charges to be dropped by the court, but his appraisal was challenged by a judge himself for proving him guilty to the case.

Ruiz Jo-Marie Stone was only 47 when she lost her life in a disastrous condition. Ruiz Stone died on the 23rd of June. She served herself in the Coca-Cola company of the Camden, in the United Kingdom. Ruiz Stone worked as a member of the Stephens School Board, and Fairview United Methodist Church.

She lived with her husband James Stone in Camden, Arkansas. Ruiz Stone had a son and two daughters. Ruiz Stone also had her two brothers and one sister who were living in the Theda Henderson of the Little Rock, in the United States of America’s Nevada.

According to the sources, the memorial service will be held on the 12th of July at 01:00 P.M. at the Fairview United  Methodist Church, and the arrangement in charge is Proctor Funeral Home.


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