Are you excited to watch the next match of the LaLiga 2? Those who have seen all the matches on the football ground and going to watch the next match on the football ground can also support their favorite team tonight. Yes, once again, LaLiga 2 is back with another match of the day and you can watch this match on the football ground. According to the sources, team Real Sociedad (RS-B) and team Zaragoza (ZAR) are going to play their other match on the football ground. As we can see in the point table that both teams have played 41 matches in this league and now, they are going to face one more against each other.


Lets talk more about the upcoming match which is going to appear in the upcoming days but before that you can also select your favorite players in this league to win tonight’s match on Dream11 prediction. Here are some players who will be appeared in tonight’s match and you can select them in your list. Players such as Benat Turrientes, Valentine Vada, Aritz Arambarri, Lluis Lopez-Marmol, Andoni Zubiaurre, and Ander Martin could be the best players for tonight’s match.

RS-B vs ZAR: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Real Sociedad (RS-B) vs Zaragoza (ZAR)
  • League:- LaLiga 2
  • Venue:- Reale Arena
  • Date:- Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

RS-B vs ZAR: Team Squad

Real Sociedad (RS-B):- Ander Martin, Xeber Alkain, Enrique Clemente, Roberto Lopez-Alcaide, Nais Djouahra, Cristo Romero, Jokin Gabilondo, Aritz Aldasoro, Iker Kortajarena, Jon Karrikaburu, Julen Lobete, Jonathan Gomez, Javier Marton, Jon Pacheco, Unai Marrero Larranaga, Gaizka Ayesa, German Valera, Peter Pokorny, Dani Garrido, Benat Turrientes, Jon Ander-Olasagasti, Jon Magunazelaia, Robert Navarro, Andoni Zubiaurre, Aritz Arambarri, Urko Gonzalez, Alex Sola, Jeremy Blasco, and Luca Sangalli-Fuentes.

Zaragoza (ZAR):- Alberto Zapater, Borja Sainz, Francho Serrano, Sergio Bermejo, Radosav Petrovic, Carlos Nieto, Jaume Grau, Ivan Azon, Alvaro Raton, Carlos Vigaray, Daniel Lasure, Valentin Vada, Eugeni Valderrama, Alvaro Gimenez, Sabin, Alejandro Frances, Cristian Alvarez, Pep Chavarria, Jair Amador, Lluis Lopez-Marmol, Fran Gamez, Juanjo Narvaez, Nano Mesa, and Miguel Puche.

RS-B vs ZAR: Lineups Player

Real Sociedad (RS-B):- Robert Navarro, Xeber Alkain, Aritz Arambarri, Benat Turrientes, Urko Gonzalez, Alex Sola, Jeremy Blasco, Ander Martin, Andoni Zubiaurre, Jon Ander-Olasagasti, and Jon Magunazelaia.

Zaragoza (ZAR):- Cristian Alvarez, Eugeni Valderrama, Alvaro Gimenez, Sabin, Pep Chavarria, Jair Amador, Borja Sainz, Valentin Vada, Lluis Lopez-Marmol, Fran Gamez, and Alberto Zapater.

RS-B vs ZAR: Match Prediction

Both teams have played 41 matches in this league and now, they are going to face once again. As we can see that team ZAR is at the 13th spot with 11 victories out of 41 matches where they lost 10 matches. Another side, team RS-B is at the 19th spot with 10 victories out of 41 matches. Simply, it can be seen that team ZAR has a better chance to win tonight against team RS-B.


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