The most awaited day in Jewish religion has come. The date 18th September 2020 is marked as the special day and to be celebrated as Rosh Hashanah 2020. We will tell you every detail related to history and the reason why it is celebrated. According to the Hebrew Bible, this is the day when First Men and Women named as Adam & Eve created the inauguration of humanity’s role in God’s world.

roshhashanah new year 2020

History about of ‘Rosh Hashanah’

Rosh Hashanah is the two days celebration. Where the first day is celebrated as the starting of Tishrei and the other one is ending of Tishrei. This is the holiday in Jewish culture named as “Days of Awe” day of shouting or blasting. We also want to inform you that this is literally most holidays in Judaism. The Jewish people celebrate this day as the first day of the new year. In the history of Judaism, it is clear that the seventh month of the new year will be celebrated as the traditional anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve.

Rosh Hashanah Sounding

The Sounding on this occasion includes custom sound named as Shofar(a-cleaned out ram’s horn) this is the ritual in Egypt Judaism. Which needs to be followed by all the people of this region. Along with this sound, the people of this region also eat the honey-dipped apple to hoping the new year will be good and sweet for everyone.

What people Do on Rosh Hashanah

When we open the history of this occasion we found the Jewish people rituals to celebrate this day by going to a river or body of water and doing special prayer regret and then throw breadcrumbs in the water and then getting a haircut. Then after all the activities all the people wearing new clothes which is necessary during this Occasion.

There are some activities in the modern era to celebrate this day

  • Go, Apple Picking. This holiday falls sometime between early September and late October, depending on the way the two calendars align. …
  • Bake Sweet Treats. …
  • Set a Special Holiday Table. …
  • Blow the Shofar. …
  • Cast Your Apologies and Resolutions Onto the Water. …
  • Heal the World with Tikkun Olam

Enjoy this day remember god to make your future better and bless your family for the future.



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