One of the most popular leagues in the world, the Polish Basketball League is back with another fantastic match of the league. The match is about to begin in just a few hours and fans are too excited to watch this match on the basketball court. It will be interesting to watch this match on the court because of its players.

ror vs sop

Two enthusiastic teams, HydroTruck Radom (ROR) and team Trefl Sopot (SOP) is all set to play their next match. Maybe, the competition is going to be tougher than before. All the details of the match has been announced and the fans are visiting the arena.

ROR vs SOP Live Score

Through this article, we will share all the details of the match like its date, venue, league, team squad, lineups and many more details. It will be interesting to watch this match. The previous matches of both teams did not go well.

But, if we talk about the Sopot team, they played well in the last four matches and won all the matches. If you are creating your own team to win this match so, we are going to provide some names in the below-given paragraphs.

ROR vs SOP: Match Details

  • Team Names:- HydroTruck Radom (ROR) vs Trefl Sopot (SOP)
  • League:- Polish Basketball League
  • Venue:- Sports Hall MOSIR (Radom)
  • Date:- Thursday, February 17, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

ROR vs SOP: Team Squad

HydroTruck Radom (ROR):- A.J Englis, Anthony Ireland, Mike Moore, Danilo Ostojic, Filip Kraljevic, Ahmed Hill, Aleksander Lewandowski, Filip Zegzula, Pawel Dzierzak, Jakub Zalewski, Daniel Wall, Maciej Zmudzki, and Filip Karczemmy.

Trefl Sopot (SOP):- Yannick Franke, Josh Sharma, Darrin Dorsey, Brandon Young, Karol Gruszecki, Michal Kolenda, Darious Moten, Pawel Leonczyk, DeAndre Davis, Mateusz Szlachetka, Carl Lindbom, Daniel Ziolkowski, Hubert Lalak, Bartosz Olechnowicz, Lukasz Klawa, and Wiktor Jaszcerski.

ROR vs SOP: Lineups Players

HydroTruck Radom (ROR):- A.J Enlish, Mike Moore, Filip Kraljevic, Danilo Ostojic, Pawel Dzierzak, and Anthony Ireland.

Trefl Sopot (SOP):- Josh Sharma, Darrin Dorsey, DeAndre Davis, Bartosz Olechnowicz, Lukasz Klawa, Mateusz Szlachetka, and Darious Moten.

ROR vs SOP: Match Details

There are 16 teams in the league and every single team has played an amazing match. According to the point table, team ROR is standing on the 14th spot with 4 matches out of 21 matches. On the other side, team SOP is at the 12th spot with 4 wins and 17 lost out of 21 matches. After analyzing the teams, team SOP could be better chances to win this upcoming match against the rival team.


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