The North American hip-hop rapper, Roody Roodboy is known for his amazing singing style and classy rapping songs. He is one of the popular rappers in American who knowns for some of the best single hits. Currently, a video of a rapper is going viral on social media in which, the fans can be seen the rapper met a death-dealing accident.

roody roodboy accident

The video has gone viral on social media sites in which the rapper was taken outside from his car by Orange County emergency services. The video was recorded by an unknown individual and later, the video was shared on social media.

Roody Roodboy Accident Video

It is upsetting to hear about his accident but it is relieving news that the singer is safe and undertreatment in Orange County’s hospital. Since the news of his accident went viral on social media, many fans are worried and want to know about his health condition.

It was a death-dealing accident because he was taken outside the car after cutting the shade of the car and then, he was taken out. According to the sources, the incident took place on Saturday evening, October 30, 2021, but luckily he is doing well and the health condition of the rapper was released by his relatives.

According to the sources, a rapper made an accident on Saturday night while he was returning from an event in Orlando. Within an hour, he was rushed to the hospital. The recent sources are believing that he is doing well and returned from the hospital. Many fans have been wishing him a speedy recovery. One of the Twitter users wrote,” The famous Haitian artist Roody Roodboy came out injured in a traffic accident on Saturday night in Orlando”.

The rapper is known for his best and hit songs including Tranble, An Kachet, Me Luv the way, and many more. His nationality is Haitian. He is married and living with his wife, Mamool. The couple has a child. Well, the rapper age is not confirmed yet but probably, he is between 30 to 40-years-old.

He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Roody has a massive fan following with more than 1.2 million followers on social media. Much information is not available on social media, it seems that the rapper keeps away from spotlights.

We are praying for his speedy recovery and fans are also waiting to watch him on the stage. He is one of the growing rappers in the world who has gathered massive popularity across the world.


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