The tragic death of Ronnie Mcnutt has shocked the nation and the whole world. No one from the family and friends would have wondered that this would turn out to be their last day with Ronnie Mcnutt. The confirmation of Ronnie Mcnutt death was made by Non-Demominatinal Celebration Church Tupelo on Facebook where they posted that Ronnie McNutt has no more with us.

Ronnie Mcnutt
Ronnie Mcnutt

He was pronounced dead after he shot himself with a gun leaving his family and friends in great grief and sadness. The thing which made this tragic suicide hitting the headlines is that Ronnie Mcnutt was live streaming on Facebook at the time he shot himself and committed suicide.

Ronnie Mcnutt Death Reason

In his five-minute-long live streaming video which has become viral recently, he was seen depressed and was trying to contact his former girlfriend who later broke up with him. At last, he gave up trying and said his last words “Okay, I think this is It.” After that, he shot him down in the head using a shotgun, and later on, he was pronounced dead.  It has been alleged that his mother also saw the last moments of his son while he was live streaming.

Why Ronnie Mcnutt Committed Suicide?

The initial reports are suggesting that he was in great depression after he lost his job. But it is said that the breaking point in his life was when he recently broke up with his girlfriend. Though nothing has been official yet and these are just the initial reports that are suggesting that he was struggling due to the hard time and his depression.

Why Ronnie Mcnutt Death Become Viral?

The reason why many people are searching about Ronnie Mcnutt is not just because he died tragically but also he was filming himself at his final moments. Yes, he was live streaming on Facebook and it carried on around five minutes when he finally shot him down. In that video, he was also seen contacting his girlfriend whom he broke up recently. The video of him committing suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun has become viral and people are sharing and reposting it in almost every social media platform and particularly on TikTok.

When was Ronnie Mcnutt Funeral?

According to the reports, Ronnie Mcnutt died on August 31 at his home which is in New Albany, Mississippi. His funeral was held at McMillan Funeral Home at 702 W College St, Booneville, MS 38829 on 2nd September 2020 at the scheduled timing of 2:00 PM. Ronnie also served his church and he was a loving and caring person who was also loved by many and now he will be missed by all who knew him and his kind heart.

Here’s Everything About Ronnie Mcnutt

Ronnie Mcnutt was born on 23rd May 1987 and his full name was Ronald Merle McNutt. He was an American who lived in his birthplace i.e., New Albany, Mississippi. He was a Comicons club member and used to perform theatre plays which he most loved and cherished at his young age. He was also active on several social media platforms.

Talking about his occupation, in his early career he was a veteran of the United States Army Reserve and has served the Army in the Iraq War. And recently, before his death, he used to work at the Toyota plant in Blue Springs. He also worked as the account manager at GardaWorld in the year 2019, according to his Facebook page.

He was a very cheerful, loving, and caring person who also used to serve his church very devotedly. He was loved by his family and friends and the ones who know him very closely. He died on August 31 at hometown in Mississippi and is now survived by his mother along with two other siblings.


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