Who Is Robert ‘Bobby’ Engel? Trump’s Secret Service Head: On 28th June 2022, during the hearing of the attack on the 6th of January at the United States House Select Committee, Robert “Bobby’ Engel was discussed in the court. Robert “Bobby” Engel is the head of the former President Donald Trump’s Secret Service detail. During the court trial on the 28th of June, the court announced to call the witness of the United States House Select Committee attack on 6th January. Later Cassidy Hutchinson became into the limelight of the media. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Robert ‘Bobby’ Engel

Who Is Robert ‘Bobby’ Engel?

According to Cassidy Hutchinson, after the attack took place, the supporters of the riots moved to the capital of the United States, after Robert “Bobby” Engel suggested to the former president to not transfer to the capital of the United States the former president Donald Trump did not move to the capital.

The witness Cassidy Hutchinson testified to the House Select Committee, that when the former president Donald Trump was informed that his supporters had weapons and they were using those weapons, he said that he did not care about that. The former president was also informed that Donald Trump’s supporters were coming with weapons even before he started the Ellipse rally on the day of Violence. Donald Trump had asked Robert “Bobby” Engel to remove the security managers so that all his supporters could be a part of the Ellipse rally.

Robert ‘Bobby’ Engel: Trump’s Secret Service Head

Earlier the House Select Committee was scheduling the hearing for the 11th of July. It was the sixth trial by the House Select Committee for the presentation of the evidence of the accused of the violence from both the sides of support and against the accused persons. The House Select Committee had held the last hearing on the 23rd of June when the some of the evidence was presented to the committee, the evidence presented that when the results were out of the 2020 elections then the former President Donald Trump was putting pressure on the United States Department of the Justice for helping him by withdrawing the actual result.

In the year 2021, on the 25th of June, an appointment was released by the president, where Robert “Bobby” Engel got listed as an appointee of law enforcement. He is a also member of the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the United States Department of Justice Medal of Valor Review Board. Robert “Bobby” Engel is the United States Secret Service Special Agent in charge. According to the presidential appointment, on the 14th of January 2002, Attorney General signed the Medal of Valor Review Board to the Charter. The president appointed the board of eleven members.


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